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Air conditioners can break down when you need them most. If you’re stuck in your home during a hot summer day with no AC, you’re bound to feel pretty hot and bothered fast.

Give Novak Heating and Cooling a call to provide you with the air conditioning you need. Novak can provide quick repairs to restore comfort to your home and install brand-new units. We’re a family-run company with extensive experience installing air conditioners in Cedar Rapids, IA, having served the people and businesses of our local community for over 86 years.

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Five Signs That You Should Replace Your Air Conditioner

Knowing when it’s the right time to replace your old AC can be difficult, and the signs are not always obvious. However, if you detect any of these five signs with your air conditioner, it’s time to replace it and schedule air conditioning installation services in Cedar Rapids, IA with Novak.

The System is 10-15 Years Old

If your current AC unit is over 10 years old, there’s a good chance that it’s nearing the end of its life and will need to be replaced. It’s better to replace the unit once its life cycle has ended rather than wait for it to break down. 

High Energy Bills

If you notice your energy bills going up with no apparent explanation, it could be that your AC unit is drawing too much power from your home because of an internal fault, and it may need to be replaced. 

What’s more, many of the newer air conditioning systems on the market are more energy-efficient than their predecessors, saving you more money in the long term.

Poor Airflow

If you detect that the airflow coming from your AC is not as powerful as it once was, it could be that its internal mechanism is wearing out. This could be another sign it’s due for a replacement.

Constant Repairs Are Needed

If you find your air conditioner is constantly breaking down and in need of repair after repair, it could be time to say goodbye. It will be cheaper to get a new system in the long run than to have to pay for regular repairs to your old one.

Your AC is Leaking

If the refrigerant fluid is leaking from your AC, the unit may be permanently damaged. Unless you can identify and seal the source of the leak, it will have to be replaced. 

AC Installation for New Homes

Are you building a brand-new home and looking for air conditioning installation service to make the space ready for move-in? Novak can also provide recently constructed homes in Cedar Rapids, Iowa with new AC installations. 

Our team of qualified heating and cooling HVAC contractors will be on hand to review your blueprints, work out your requirements and offer you a tailored solution to meet your home’s air conditioning needs. 

We know your new home will never feel comfortable without high-quality heating and air conditioning. Get in touch with us about our HVAC systems, such as our ductless mini-split options. 

Benefits of New AC Installations

It’s not just the cool air that you’ll benefit from once you’ve installed your new air conditioning unit. There is a wide range of benefits to having an air conditioning installation performed in your Cedar Rapids, IA home.

Higher Air Quality

Modern AC units have high-tech air filters. Many are built with air-purifying functionality that improve the air quality in your home.

Lower Energy Bills

Modern AC units tend to be significantly more energy-efficient than their energy-guzzling predecessors. With a new AC, you’ll enjoy cool air in your home without the costly price tag.

Improved Comfort

Eager to cool your home down to the perfect temperature? You’ll feel the cool air on your face in a matter of minutes once you have your new AC installed.

Improved Effectiveness and Efficiency

Older AC units gradually become less effective at cooling a room as their internal functions start to wear out. A new AC unit is highly effective from the moment you switch it on.

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