Cedar Rapids Thermostat Services

If you want to make sure that you and your family are comfortable indoors, you rely on your home’s thermostat. However, as with any other device, the thermostat can break down over time, which is where Novak Heating and Air comes in. We repair and install new thermostats in Cedar Rapids, Iowa homes, so you never have to worry about your house being too cold or too hot. 

It’s also important to remember that some issues may be with your HVAC system itself and not the thermostat. You can always count on the team at Novak to find the source of your home comfort issues and find the most efficient and affordable solutions to make your home environment better.

Thermostat Repair Services

If you’re experiencing heating and cooling problems, the first thing our team will test is your thermostat. Some thermostats use batteries to operate and those batteries need to be replaced occasionally. If you find that your home’s comfort is suffering, try changing the batteries if applicable. If your thermostat is hard-wired, then you’ll want to call Novak to see if they can find the cause.

Common home comfort issues that can be caused by a broken thermostat are:

Short Cycling

Typically, an HVAC system has to run for a little while to maintain the correct temperature inside the house. However, if it kicks on and shuts off after a couple of minutes, there’s something triggering the end of the cycle. Sometimes, the thermostat’s sensors may not be accurate, so it could cause the system to turn on or off prematurely. 

Inconsistent Temperatures

In many cases, if your house isn’t reaching the correct temperature in every room, the culprit is likely the ductwork or the HVAC system itself. However, sometimes, the thermostat might be the reason it’s not sending the correct signals to the heater or air conditioner. Sometimes the location of the thermostat is the reason why your home is suffering from inconsistent temperatures.

If your thermostat is on an exterior wall, in a sunny room, or located near an appliance it might be skewing the temperature readings. Novak can help move the thermostat to a better, more central location in your home. 

Unresponsive Controls

If you change the setting on the thermostat, but you have to hit the buttons multiple times for the temperature to change, or if it takes a minute for your HVAC system to respond to the changes, there could be a delay between the two. A thermostat repair may fix this issue. 

Thermostat Replacement Services

Thermostats, like any other appliance, have a limited performance lifespan. Most thermostats last around 10 years. When buying a new house, it’s worth asking about the age of all the appliances so you can have a rough idea of when you might need to replace them. But just because the thermostat has hit 10 years old, doesn’t mean it needs to be replaced if it’s working fine. However, these are the most common signs you should replace your thermostat:

The Thermostat Won’t Turn On

If your thermostat won’t work at all, the first thing you should check is to make sure it is receiving power. See if your system requires batteries and change them if needed. If the thermostat is hard wired, check the circuit breakers to make sure the thermostat and your heating and cooling systems are both receiving power. It may help to reset the breakers. If the breaker your thermostat or furnace is on keeps tripping, call Novak to investigate the issue. If resetting the breakers does not help, it is likely that it is time for a new thermostat. 

You’ve Purchased a New HVAC System

Many homeowners want to upgrade their thermostats but find they are not compatible with their current HVAC system. If your furnace and AC are working fine, there’s no reason to switch out your entire system just for a new thermostat, but if your HVAC system is due for a replacement, ask about models that are compatible with smart thermostats. 

Poor Temperature Control

Poor temperature control with your thermostat is a sign that it is on its last legs. If you’ve had someone look at your thermostat and repair it, but it is still experiencing issues controlling the temperature in your home, and it’s 10 years or older, it’s best to replace it. 

Benefits of Upgrading Your Thermostat

There are three kinds of thermostats available today: manual, programmable, and smart. Manual thermostats have to be changed manually and are not capable of being programmed on a schedule. Programmable thermostats are digital thermostats that can be set to schedules to help you save on heating and cooling bills.

Smart thermostats can be controlled with your smartphone or virtual assistant. Not only can you change the temperature, but the thermostat can make adjustments based on the number of people in the home or the current weather. 

When you’re looking to upgrade your thermostat, consider the benefits of upgrading to a programmable or smart thermostat.

Better Efficiency

Manual thermostats can’t provide exact temperatures because they’re not very precise. Once you install a new model, you can control the temperature within a few degrees. Better yet, the thermostat can send the signal to the rest of the system much quicker and more efficiently than manual versions. 

Lower Utility Bills

When your HVAC system works as efficiently as possible, you won’t waste any energy. So, you can expect to pay less money overall for your heating and cooling bills. While the difference might not be substantial, it will add up over time. Eventually, a new thermostat can pay for itself with energy savings. 

Remote Operation

Modern thermostats are connected to the internet, so you can control the temperature remotely as necessary. For example, you can adjust the level from your room so you don’t have to reach the thermostat directly. You can also program settings so it works whenever is the most convenient, such as before you get home from work. 

Call Novak Heating and Air for a More Dependable Thermostat

If your thermostat is having problems, Novak Heating and Air can come to your house to fix it. We can also install a newer model so you get the best climate control possible. When you need fast and reliable thermostat service, your first call should be to Novak. Talk to Novak today to learn more about how we can help make your home more comfortable with quality thermostat services today. 


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