Cedar Rapids, IA Commercial HVAC Repair

Properly sized, efficient HVAC equipment is just as important in commercial environments as it is in homes. Customers and employees need a comfortable environment in every commercial building. Whether you’re responsible for a public-accessible retail area or a private warehouse and office space, maintaining the HVAC system is essential. 

If issues arise with the HVAC equipment, call Novak Heating and Cooling for help. Our commercial HVAC repair services restore the cooling, heating, and ventilation that’s crucial to safety and comfort.

Signs That You Need Commercial HVAC Repair

Higher Utility Costs

Keeping an eye on your monthly utility costs can show you when your HVAC system is experiencing any issues. If you stick to a recommended maintenance cycle, you may see no major increases in utility costs over the years. Less well-maintained HVAC equipment will need regular repairs or may steadily rise in operating costs over the years.

Inconsistent Temperatures

Are employees complaining about cold or hot spots? Does setting the thermostat not result in the expected temperature? Inconsistent temperature control, whether it’s located in a part of the building or a widespread problem, deserves the attention of an HVAC professional.

Strange Odors in Your Commercial Building

When your HVAC system is operating as it should, you won’t notice any odors coming from the unit or your air ducts. However, if any issues are present, you might notice musty burning smells. When you smell any odors that appear to be out of place, be sure to contact us as soon as possible.

Your Commercial System is Short-Cycling

Since commercial HVAC equipment is often located on the roof or far from where it can be heard in the facility, it can take some investigation to notice short-cycling. If the heating or cooling keeps kicking in for only a few minutes at a time, you’re wasting energy and increasing wear and tear on the equipment.

Poor Airflow from the Commercial Unit

Every vent in the system should receive close to even airflow unless it was designed differently for ventilation purposes. If a few vents stop receiving normal flow or the entire system loses pressure, call for immediate repairs. The imbalance in the system can lead to damage to other parts and accelerated wear that could lead to needing to replace the unit prematurely.

Commercial HVAC Repair in Cedar Rapids, IA

Novak Heating and Cooling is standing by and ready to help the Cedar Rapids area. We cover all types of commercial HVAC repair and maintenance services. Not only can our team install all-new AC and heating equipment, but we can also design and install ventilation systems for manufacturing or storage facilities. 

Once the equipment is in place, we’ll service and maintain it to ensure uninterrupted and efficient performance. Your HVAC equipment is too important in the commercial environment to allow breakdowns and is too expensive to operate inefficiently. Choose Novak Heating and Cooling as your Cedar Rapids commercial HVAC services provider, and you’ll always know who to call when any issues arise.

Why Trust Novak Heating and Cooling?

Novak is the best choice in the area because they provide more personal care than the competition. With over 85 years of experience, you can trust the advice and recommendations made by every member of the team. We’re also the only Carrier® factory authorized dealer serving the Cedar Rapids, IA area. 

We provide service seven days a week, including weekend visits by appointment, making it easy to schedule commercial repairs or maintenance when it fits your schedule. 24-hour emergency service ensures that your retail or manufacturing facility experiences as little interruption as possible.

Worry-Free HVAC Maintenance from Novak Heating and Cooling

Maintenance is the key to fewer interruptions and lower ongoing operating costs for HVAC equipment. This is especially true for commercial buildings. With our service records showing that customers that undergo regular maintenance experience 75% fewer breakdowns, we recommend our HVAC maintenance program. 

Our maintenance contracts take all the work and worry out of keeping up with routine cleaning and repairs. Let us handle everything from clearing out the drain hoses to checking on unusual noises and vibrations. We’ll handle all sorts of commercial HVAC equipment maintenance in a single visit, or we can create separate maintenance plans for the facility’s heating and cooling systems.

Contact Novak for Commercial HVAC Repair Services

Reach out to Novak Heating and Cooling today to schedule routine maintenance, emergency repairs, or any other HVAC services. Check our website for specials on maintenance contracts and routine services, or call us at (319) 364-4626 for assistance 24 hours a day.

You can also use our website to book an appointment 7 days a week, ensuring our commercial HVAC services fit your busy schedule. Choose Novak the next time your commercial HVAC system starts to cost more than expected to run or begins to unevenly heat and cool.


Having trouble? Novak Heating and Cooling is here to help you with your systems needs. Ask us a question today and we will get back to you soon!