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This depends on what type of filter system you have.1" disposable filters should be changed MONTHLY. Wider media style filters as a rule last approx 6 months. These are usually 4-6 inches wide and are considered a premium type filter. If you have an electronic air cleaner you need to clean or wash the cells every 45 days. We stock a wide variety of media type filters and are happy to answer your filter questions!
There are many reasons -- safety, efficiency, comfort and to take care of things that might present a problem at an inconvenient time. I have a picture shown below of an air filter we found on a furnace tune up recently. The furnace was running, but this filter was plugged up so badly that it would have caused a no heat situation eventually. The homeowner had simply forgotten to change it regularly. If this had not been taken care of it could have resulted in a late evening or holiday no heat call. This is just one example, but there are several things we do on each call that could help prevent a costly repair later. Each year we find furnaces that have safety devices that are not working, heat exchangers that are faulty and items that can present a real safety issue in your home. We want your unit to work safely and reliably all winter! By cleaning the furnace, burners, adjusting the gas pressure, checking the condensate trap, cleaning the flame sensor etc.. it helps your furnace run at peak efficiency. It maximizes the system's performance and provides more comfort for YOU. We want to identify problems before they occur. Can we guarantee that you wont have a breakdown during the winter after a tuneup? No, but our service records show that regular, annual maintenance customers have 75% less breakdowns then customers that don't maintain. We also check to see if you need humidifier pads to keep that humidity at an ideal level. We perform both Commercial and Residential maintenance. The things we do are slightly different, but the reasons for doing so are the same.
It is the environmentally sound replacement for Freon. This refrigerant of the future does not damage the ozone. Federal law has required the phase out of many refrigerants. That's why Carrier® has been designing, and perfecting new technology that uses Puron. It has been awarded the Green Seal of approval. Many people are familiar with how expensive R-12 (commonly used in cars and trucks) has gotten. You can expect the same thing very soon from R-22 Freon that is used in residential and commercial air conditioners. With that in mind it only makes sense to install a new unit with Puron. Carrier® high-efficiency Puron units are quiet and efficient. They qualify for the highest utility rebates. The warranty is super. They use the dependable "scroll compressor". This unit also meets the EPA energy star guidelines. If you want to control humidity and stay cool contact Novak Heating and Cooling today!!


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