A heat pump system works by bringing natural air from your surrounding environment into your home to provide heating and cooling. But when heat pumps are overworked, they can break down. Overheating can happen due to a clogged filter or a malfunctioning blower, which means you’ll be left with an ineffective unit you can’t fix.

The team at Novak is here to help. With our Cedar Rapids, IA, heat pump installation services, you’ll get a brand-new heat pump that works the way it’s supposed to.

Why Choose Novak for Quality Heat Pump Installation Service?

For 86 years, Novak’s team of experts has provided heating, air conditioning, and duct cleaning services to the residents and businesses of Cedar Rapids, IA. With our team of technicians available day and night, our excellent emergency services leave customers feeling happy and reassured when they need help the most.

Offering great maintenance plans, we take huge pride in customer satisfaction. We were the recipient of the Carrier President’s Award, which recognizes dealers who exemplify leadership and management, expertise, business growth, and operational excellence.

Whether you’re building a new home in Cedar Rapids, IA, or the surrounding areas or making improvements to your current one, you can count on Novak Heating and Cooling to provide the most professional and high-quality Cedar Rapids heat pump service.

Signs You May Need a New Heat Pump

Heat pumps provide years of reliable and energy-efficient heating. However, they do not last forever.

Here are five signs you may need to have your heat pump replaced and a new unit installed:

Your Unit Needs Frequent Repairs

Over the years, your heat pump will suffer from wear and tear. As parts of the system move toward the end of their life, they are more likely to experience breakdowns, meaning more frequent repairs.

When making these minor repairs, your system may be able to run for a little longer. However, it will inevitably mean that a new pump is on the horizon.

Energy Bills Are Rising

Your pump’s performance over the years will naturally start to decline. The wear and tear it will endure will harm its energy efficiency. As the system begins to struggle, it will run longer cycles and consume more electricity. More electricity means an increase in energy bills, and your failing HVAC system could be causing it.

Your Heat Pump is Over 10 Years Old

The average pump is built to last for around 14 to 15 years. However, you may notice some depreciation sooner. If your pump is over 10 years old and requires regular repairs, or a major repair, you should consider replacing it. If this sounds like your heat pump, Novak’s Cedar Rapids heat pump installation services are only a phone call away.

Inadequate Heating and Cooling

If you’ve noticed your unit is acting irregularly and your household’s temperatures fluctuate, it could be because your heat pump is failing. It’s very normal for its output to drop in its final stages. However, it can be frustrating when your home’s heating and cooling needs are not met. Installing a new pump will eradicate these issues.

Strange Noises

If your heat pump is making strange noises, it could be a sign you need a new one. As its components start to wear out and break down, it can start making hissing, screeching, and rattling noises. If you notice any of these noises coming from your HVAC system, it’s best to consult one of Novak’s expert heating and air conditioning technicians before it breaks down completely and creates a bigger project.

Free Estimates on New Heat Pumps

If you think your home may need a heat pump replacement, get in touch with Novak Heating and Cooling. We offer free estimates on new HVAC equipment, including heat pumps. Our team of heat pump installation experts will be ready to evaluate your needs and provide you with any service you require.

How to Protect Your Cedar Rapids, IA, Heat Pump

Want to protect your heat pump in Cedar Rapids, IA? Novak Heating and Cooling offers heat pump maintenance that can extend the lifespan of your heat pump as well as prepare it for every season. During your heat pump tune-up, your system will be restored to peak efficiency to help keep you and your energy bills comfortable throughout every season.

If you frequently forget to make your semi-annual heat pump maintenance appointment, Novak has you covered. We offer a worry-free affordable maintenance program, where the team of experts regularly checks your heating system and gives you priority scheduling and reduced rates on spring and fall service calls. Contact us today to sign up.

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