Ductless Air Conditioner Systems

Carrier® ductless air conditioner systems can be easily integrated into any home, no matter the demands of the space. With endless ductless applications and configuration options, ductless works where traditional HVAC doesn’t, and offers easy solutions for rooms without ductwork or with hot or cold spots, supplementing areas that conventional heating or cooling systems don’t adequately keep comfortable.

Carrier ductless mini split systems also allow for a long refrigerant line between outdoor condenser unit and indoor units. This allows more options for unobtrusive installation so you can enjoy spending time outside on your deck or inside in your living room in peace and quiet.

Ductless systems can also be mixed and matched based on the specific needs of each separate space in your home, allowing you to personalize your comfort no matter where you are in your home. High wall units can be paired with ducted, console and cassette units, hooked up to a single outdoor compressor for multi-zone systems. Or, connect one indoor unit with the outdoor unit for a single-zone system that concentrates on one specific area.

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