Carrier® ductless air conditioner systems can be easily integrated into any home, no matter the demands of the space. With endless ductless applications and configuration options, ductless works where traditional HVAC doesn’t. These Central air systems are composed of indoor and outdoor units. and offers easy solutions for rooms without ductwork or with hot or cold spots, supplementing areas that conventional heating or cooling systems don’t adequately keep comfortable.

Novak Heating, Air & Duct Cleaning can repair and install ductless mini-split systems in your home, addition, or commercial property in Cedar Rapids. Continue reading to learn more about this innovative HVAC technology.

Ductless Air Conditioning Systems

Carrier ductless mini split systems work by using a long refrigerant line between an outdoor condenser unit and indoor units. This allows more options for unobtrusive installation so you can enjoy spending time outside on your deck or inside in your living room in peace and quiet. This system circulates cool air in the room, improving indoor air quality and creating zones within the home that can be controlled independently. Finally, no more fighting over the thermostat. Your family members can each set their own temperature that is comfortable for them.

Ductless Heating Systems

Not only can a ductless HVAC system cool your home, but it can also heat it as well. Your indoor air handling unit will need to be connected to a heat pump in order to heat your home. These indoor air handlers are mounted walls, baseboards, ceilings, and even concealed. Each one can be controlled with a thermostat or remote control.

The Benefits of a Ductless HVAC System

If you’re wondering if ductless mini splits are the right heating and cooling solution for your Cedar Rapids, IA area home, then learn about some of the benefits of this innovative system:

Zoned Controls

Ductless systems can also be mixed and matched based on the specific needs of each separate space in your home, allowing you to personalize your comfort no matter where you are in your home. High wall units can be paired with ducted, console, and cassette units, hooked up to a single outdoor compressor for multi-zone systems. Or, connect one indoor unit with the outdoor unit for a single-zone system that concentrates on one specific area.

Energy Savings

Many customers have noticed significant energy savings with their mini split systems. According to the Department of Energy, ductless mini splits save up to 30% on their energy costs. If you have unoccupied rooms, you can turn off the zones in these areas without putting extra strain on your heating and cooling system.

Improved Indoor Air Quality

Traditional air conditioning and heating system require ducts to move air around your house. Ducts provide a highway for debris, allergens, and viruses to travel through different areas of your house. With ductless mini split systems, the air only circulates in the zone it’s in, preventing the spread of irritants and disease.

No Ducts Required

Since mini split systems do not require air ducts, it makes them an ideal solution for newly added or finished rooms in your Cedar Rapids, IA area home. Running and connecting ductwork can be time-consuming and expensive. Mini split systems are easy to install. You can add one to your newly finished sunroom, she-shed, or workshop without worrying about connecting to your current HVAC system.

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