HVAC Services in Solon, IA

Finding a quality HVAC services company can be a difficult task. Before you call someone for heating and cooling services, you want to make sure you vet them first. Look at reviews and get recommendations from friends and neighbors if you can. One company you will often hear is the trusted name of Novak Heating, Air, and Duct Cleaning. We provide quality services in Solon, IA and are happy to make your home comfortable again.

Quality Heating Services in Solon

When winter hits in Solon, it can be brutal and harsh. When the temperatures are in the single digits is not an ideal time for your heating system to stop working. When that happens, you can trust Novak for emergency heating services 24/7. New Years Eve, Christmas Day, President’s Day, someone on our team is standing by to take your call.

We provide the furnace repairs you need to get your home comfortable again. The most common sign you need furnace repairs is when you notice your heating bills suddenly skyrocket. This often happens when a piece of equipment in your furnace stops working and causes your system to work harder than it should to heat your home. Don’t let these issues persist. The sooner you get them fixed, the sooner you’ll see more comfortable heating bills. If you’re looking for a way to avoid furnace repairs, get your furnace tuned-up at the beginning of the heating season. Preventative maintenance can improve the life of your furnace as well as lower your utility bills.

If it seems like you’ve had furnace repair after furnace repair, but nothing seems to help, it might be time to cut your losses and invest in a new furnace. Novak can help you find an energy efficient furnace that is the right fit for your Solon home.

Novak doesn’t just service furnaces, we also provide quality heat pump services. If you’re looking to switch to this energy efficient appliance for heating and cooling your home, give us a call. We can also provide you with maintenance and repairs throughout the lifespan of your heat pump.

Air Duct Cleaning & Indoor Air Quality Services

Although we frequently worry about the air quality outside, Americans spend much more time indoors. Indoor air quality can be much easier controlled than the outdoor air. Novak can help you breathe easy with a variety of indoor air quality services.

Air Duct Cleaning

Your air ducts deliver air through your HVAC system to the rooms around your home. If some rooms are warmer than others, or dustier than others, these are signs that you should have your air ducts cleaned. At Novak, we pride ourselves on our air duct cleaning services. Let’s talk today to see how we can help you.


As the brains of your HVAC system, there are many times when uncomfortable temperatures aren’t caused by the appliance itself, but rather by the thermostat. Thermostats should be updated every 10 years. Programmable and smart thermostats can help you save money on heating and cooling costs as well.

Air Cleaners

Air cleaners can filter the air better than your HVAC’s furnace filters. These media filters trap very small particles like bacteria and spores to stop them from spreading around your home. Installed into your HVAC system air cleaners may help family members with allergies and respiratory issues.

Air Purifiers

Air cleaners filter the air, while air purifiers sanitize the air by using UV lights. As air comes into your HVAC system, the light sanitizes it so that your furnace stays clean. Air purifiers are great for killing viruses and other germs that make your family sick.


Dry winter air causes cracked skin, agitated sinuses, and static shocks. Installing a whole house humidifier adds moisture to the air to help relieve these symptoms. Germs and viruses move easier through dry air and adding a humidifier can stop the spread, making your home a cleaner and healthier place.

Solon, IA Cooling Services

Novak provides a full range of cooling services. Hot and humid summers can make you miserable, especially if you don’t have a working air conditioning system. Novak can help improve your cooling system so it works reliably, even on the hottest days.

Emergency Cooling Services

Being without air conditioning on a hot day is an emergency. Extremely hot weather is becoming more and more common and can be potentially dangerous for small children as well as older adults and pets in your house. If your air conditioner isn’t working right, you can count on Novak for emergency cooling service. Even if it’s the 4th of July or Labor day, our team members are standing by to help you.

Air Conditioning Maintenance

Get ahead of the summer heat with air conditioning maintenance. Many people put off turning on their air conditioning because they don’t want to see their utility bills rise. Air conditioning maintenance, when done before summer starts, will restore your system to peak efficiency to keep your home and energy bills comfortable.

Air Conditioning Repair

When an air conditioner shuts down or malfunctions there are often warning signs. One tell tale sign is strange noises and odd odors when your air conditioning is running. These are common signs that should be addressed with air conditioning repairs right away.

Air Conditioning Installation

If you’re looking to upgrade your current air conditioning system, or are building a new home and want the proper sized system installed before you move in, then talk to Novak about air conditioning installation. As a Carrier Factory Authorized Dealer, we make sure that you’ll get one of the best AC systems available.

Ductless Mini Split Services

Love your three seasons room, but the sun makes it too hot to enjoy comfortably? A ductless mini split might be the perfect solution. Ductless mini splits are wall mounted air handlers that can control the temperature in one room, or a zone. These systems are great for additions or newly finished rooms, and Novak can install one for you as well as repair and maintain it.

Heat Pumps

The team at Novak is knowledgeable and skilled in all aspects of the HVAC industry, and that includes heat pumps. Many homeowners are interested in the energy savings and 100% electric operation of heat pump installation. When your heat pump needs repairs, or you are looking to get your heat pump tuned up for the season, talk to Novak to make sure that your heat pump is in working order.

Novak is Your Go-To For Home Comfort Services in Solon

Novak understands that when you’re looking for quality HVAC services for your Solon, Iowa home, you can’t trust just anyone. Although you may want to find the lowest price in town, sometimes the lowest price means the lowest quality service, or there are extra fees that are added later. At Novak, we give you an honest estimate for our work and time so you know exactly what to expect from our service.

But don’t just take our word for it, check out our great reviews from our customers. We have a 4.9 star rating on Google and it’s something we’re very proud of. As a Carrier Factory Authorized Dealer, we are held to the highest standards in the industry in order to offer such fine products and services. If you’re a business owner in Solon, we can also provide HVAC services for your commercial property as well. We work with customers when they need new systems by offering specials and rebates too! If you’re ready to experience the difference between Novak and any other Solon area HVAC company, then give us a call today.

Call Novak to Schedule HVAC Service in Your Solon, IA Home

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