When Is the Best Time of Year for Air Conditioning Maintenance?

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Spring is a time of year when many Cedar Rapids area homeowners are busy deep cleaning their living spaces and maintaining their homes. Spring or Summer happens to be the best time for air conditioning maintenance, as having this professional service completed before warm weather reaches the area will ensure your cooling system is ready for hot temperatures. The earlier the better, and any maintenance is better than no maintenance at all. If you forget to make an appointment until the Summer, that’s just fine. Novak Heating and Cooling explains why spring or summer are the best times for air conditioning maintenance and what is involved in a professional tune up for your air conditioner.

What Happens During an Air Conditioner Maintenance Tune Up?

Preventative maintenance tune ups are designed to provide the care air conditioners need to eliminate wear and damage that reduce system efficiency and cause components to degrade. The steps involved in a maintenance tune up will eliminate hindrances and allow the air conditioning system to function at its best performance and energy efficiency levels.

When you schedule a preventative maintenance tune up for your air conditioning system, expect this appointment to last between one to two hours. During this time, your HVAC technician will perform many steps to thoroughly service your cooling system and maintain its condition. Air conditioning tune up steps include:

  • Cleaning and inspecting components of the indoor and outdoor units
  • Condenser coil cleaning
  • Cleaning the condensate drain pan
  • Flushing out the condensate drain line
  • Lubricating moving parts
  • Testing blower function, making adjustments as needed
  • Inspecting system controls
  • Tightening electrical connection
  • Inspecting thermostat performance
  • Inspecting refrigerant charge

Why is Spring or Summer the Best Time for Air Conditioning Maintenance?

There are many reasons that make spring or summer is the best time for air conditioning maintenance. While having a tune up performed on your air conditioner can make a difference any time throughout the year, here are the key reasons it’s to your advantage to schedule professional preventative maintenance in the spring or summer.

  • No waiting. During the spring months, HVAC companies typically aren’t that busy. Temperatures are mild so heating and cooling systems aren’t seeing much use this time of year, which means the demand for repairs and other services is lower than during the summer or winter seasons. When you schedule your air conditioner maintenance appointment during the spring, you won’t have a long wait before the service can be completed and you’ll have access to more scheduling options, which is very convenient.
  • Our maintenance appointment schedule tends to fill up quickly, so there’s a good chance we might not be able to make it to your house until the Summer. Waiting until the Summer is fine to make your appointment, especially if your air conditioner seems to be working fine for now. Keep in mind, the sooner you make an appointment, the sooner we can see you.
  • Prep your system ahead of time. Once the weather warms up, it will be time to turn on your air conditioner. Spring and Summer are the best time for air conditioning maintenance because it ensures tune up services are complete before it’s time to start using the cooling system for the year. When your air conditioner is professionally maintained in the spring or summer, you can be confident that it will be ready to work at optimum energy efficiency levels from the very first time you turn it on this year.
  • Avoid serious repair issues and breakdowns. Professional tune ups are not only great for the maintenance services they provide, but the tune up also provides the opportunity to have the entire air conditioning system examined by a skilled technician. If any malfunctions exist, they can be spotted and corrected before it gets really hot. Having air conditioning maintenance done early in the season can spot these sorts of potential repairs because if they are left unfound, turning your air conditioning system on and running it once it gets warm could lead to great system damage that is expensive to fix, or the issue may grow to the point of shutting your cooling unit down entirely which will leave you without cooling.

Schedule Air Conditioning Maintenance Today

Now that you can see why spring and summer are the best time for air conditioning maintenance, it’s time to take care of this important service for your Cedar Rapids area home! Contact Novak Heating and Cooling today to schedule an air conditioner tune up.