Center Point, IA HVAC Services

Homeowners in Center Point, IA, and surrounding areas can trust Novak Heating and Cooling for all their HVAC Services. We have been providing HVAC systems and HVAC services since 1934. Our extremely knowledgeable team offers exceptional maintenance, care, repairs, and installation for heating and cooling systems.

For all of your HVAC system service needs call the professional and expert team at Novak Heating and Cooling.

Center Point, IA Indoor Air Quality Services

Indoor air quality is increasingly important as so many people suffer from respiratory illnesses and are made worse by poor indoor air quality.


Thermostats help tell your heating and cooling systems when to turn on and off. They help to create and control indoor air temperatures making them an important part of improved indoor air quality.

Air Cleaners

Air cleaners help to remove particulate matter from the air you breathe. Whole-house air cleaning units can help not only clean the air but improve the efficiency of your HVAC system. You’ll notice the effects right away if you have pets, live where there is a lot of dust, or in places where mold occurs.

Air Purifiers

Air purifiers are just slightly different from air cleaners. They work the same, but an air purifier helps to remove toxins from the air also. If you leave on a busy street, or in a windy area where smog or pollutants can be sucked into your home via an air conditioner or furnace, then an air purifier is a good addition for most customers.


Humidifiers are wonderful when you need to control the humidity in your entire home or specific rooms. The amount of moisture in the air determines how hard a heating system or air conditioner has to work to hit the ideal ambient indoor temperature. If the air is too dry, it affects health levels such as having dry sinuses.

Air Duct Cleaning

Air duct cleaning is the first step in decreasing the amount of particulate matter in the air you breathe. Condensation in the ducts can also attract mold and mildew spores. Cleaning the ducts helps decrease dust, pet dander, mold spores, and odors.

Heating Services in Center Point, IA

Novak Heating and Cooling offer a wide array of services throughout the Center Point, IA communities. If your home project calls for a new system, new furnace, or a change to your heating and cooling appliances, call on our expert team. We help with:

Furnace Repair

Our heating experts can diagnose furnace issues quickly and provide you with professional recommendations for repairs, replacement services, and installing a new unit or repairing the old one. It all starts with a detailed estimate.

Furnace Installation

We are your local furnace installation experts. We design a full replacement service for furnaces and other heating appliances. We have all the equipment, tech, and experience to do the job correctly the first time. We will help you select a furnace that fits your home or business, and we work with homeowners to install an efficient unit that comfortably heats your home.

Heating Tune Up

A heating tune up helps return your furnace, heat pump, or boiler to an efficient level of operation. We will schedule a tune up service at your convenience and our technicians will complete the job quickly and effectively.

Heat Pumps

Heat pumps are highly efficient, and they heat and cool all in one unit. We offer a full range of heat pump services including repair, maintenance, and installation.

Cooling Services in Center Point, IA

Novak Heating and Cooling offers a full range of heating and cooling services to the Center Point, IA community. Our cooling services include:

AC Repair

When it is time to cool your house, having a working AC is essential. When you require a professional and expert company turn to the AC system pros at Novak.

AC Installation

We design full air conditioning systems for any of our customers. That process includes helping you choose the best upgrades for cooling efficiency that fit the size of your house and the amount of cooling you need.

AC Tune Up

Tuning up your AC is the best way to save money on cooling costs. An AC tune up helps increase the AC’s efficiency which means you pay the lowest possible cost for cooling your home.

Emergency AC Services

We are available 24/7 for emergency service calls. When It’s hot out, and you need your AC up and running, we are the experts to call.

Heat Pumps

Our service team members are experts at heat pump care and maintenance. Winter is not the time of year to be without reliable heating. Contact our team for fast, efficient, and reliable service at your location. You can call us anytime to schedule an appointment or for emergency service.

Ductless Mini-Splits

Ductless Mini-splits are an economical way to add heating and cooling to your property. When you do not want to pay for ducting installation, a ductless mini split can provide heat and air conditioning to rooms, garages, and conversions.

The unit sits at the optimal site and can even replace your HVAC unit depending on the size and number of the mini splits you want to be installed in your home. We are dedicated to helping our customers choose the best options for creating the perfect ambient indoor temperature. Our technicians are experienced with ductless mini split systems.

Enroll in an HVAC Maintenance Plan from Novak

Enrolling in Novak’s Worry-Free Maintenance Program helps each of our customers save money and receive priority service status when you schedule a service call or have emergency heating and cooling needs that need to be addressed right away.

The program helps encourage our clients to maintain their heating and cooling appliances, which can save you a bucket of money over having to repair the unit due to lack of maintenance. Learn more about the HVAC Maintenance Plan from Novak by giving us a call. It is a perfect program for spring and fall maintenance.

Call Novak for HVAC Service today

We are your local one-stop-shop for heating and cooling. When you need our expertise we are available 24/7 for regular and emergency service calls. We have all the tools and experience to do the job correctly, and we work with you to fit new systems into your home. To learn more about why our customers love us, visit us online and read through our satisfied customer reviews.