Air Conditioning Maintenance in Hiawatha, IA

Anyone who has suffered from a broken down air conditioner and has needed emergency repairs in the middle of July will tell you this is not an experience they want to live through again. Emergency repairs, especially ones made after-hours, can be very expensive.

Broken air conditioners often use more energy than efficient systems which can cause your energy bills to be expensive as well. If you want to avoid all of these issues, consider investing in air conditioning maintenance services for your Hiawatha, IA home. The team at Novak Heating and Air can provide you with experienced air conditioning services to improve the comfort of your home.

How Does Air Conditioner Maintenance Help The Performance of My Cooling System?

Your air conditioner works hard all summer long to keep your home cool. As temperatures get hotter, the longer your system will run and the longer the cycles will be. This causes it to become more stressed and susceptible to breakdowns. There are little steps you can take to reduce the stress on your air conditioning system, like changing your air filter on a regular basis and making sure the fins of your outdoor unit are clean. However, professional maintenance will help monitor and catch issues like loose connections or clogged condenser coils from breaking within your system. 

A high-performing air conditioner system should be clean, lubricated and regulated by a fully calibrated thermostat. A system that is clean will run more efficiently, which can keep your energy bills at a comfortable level throughout the summer as well as prevent the need for repairs.

Should I Pay for Maintenance or Just Fix My Air Conditioner when it Breaks Down?

Maintenance is important to avoid repairs and to extend the lifespan of your system. Just like how you need the oil changed in your car on a regular basis to help it last as long as possible, the same is true with your HVAC appliances.  

Another important reason to invest in air conditioning maintenance is to maintain your system’s warranty. Warranties can last up to 10 years for certain models of air conditioners but be voided by the manufacturer if maintenance is not kept up to date by a professional HVAC technician. Warranties make repairs much more affordable for homeowners, and as your system ages and repairs become more common, you want to save as much money as you can.

How Often Do Air Conditioners Need Maintenance?

In general, you should get your air conditioner serviced at least once per year. It is important to have maintenance performed on your air conditioner before you turn it on for the first time during the summer. 

Call Novak in the spring to schedule your air conditioner maintenance appointment. We have lots of homes to service in the Hiawatha area, so the sooner you call, the sooner we can see you. Even if it’s later in the summer and you realize that you haven’t scheduled a tune-up for your air conditioner, that’s ok. Novak is still happy to help improve the performance of your cooling system.

If it’s been years since you made an air conditioner maintenance appointment, but you don’t want to forget in the future, sign up for Novak’s Worry-Free Maintenance plan. We make HVAC maintenance unforgettable with regular appointment scheduling. We’ll call you to make an appointment around your schedule. Join our Worry-Free Maintenance plan to reap all the benefits of regular air conditioning maintenance.

What is Included in an Air Conditioning Tune-Up?

Some of the most important parts of an air conditioner tune-up include:

  • Inspecting the accuracy of your thermostat to make sure it is functioning well.
  • Looking at your air conditioner to make sure there are no leaks coming from it.
  • Checking the refrigerant lines to ensure they are not leaking. We will also make sure your refrigerant levels are appropriate.
  • Inspecting the electrical components to ensure they are working properly.
  • Analyzing your compressor. 
  • Checking your safety controls to ensure they are operating as they should.
  • Inspecting the air filter to see if it needs replacing.
  • Inspecting your condenser and evaporator coils and cleaning them if necessary. We will also clean your condensate drain.
  • Testing your start capacitor and relay to make sure they are functioning appropriately.

Talk to Novak About Air Conditioning Maintenance in Hiawatha, IA Today

The team at Novak Heating and Air is ready to help you with all your cooling needs. Whether you need emergency AC repairs, or just want to make sure your system is ready to handle the summer heat, we’re your local hometown heating and cooling team. Give us a call today to schedule an appointment for your Hiawatha home.