Furnace Tune-Up Services in Hiawatha, IA

As the weather gets colder, you need to make sure your heating system is working correctly. Many homes in Hiawatha, IA, use a furnace, which is generally pretty reliable and easy to use. However, over time, your furnace may start acting up, meaning it needs a tune-up. Fortunately, Novak Heating and Air is available to inspect and maintain your furnace year after year.

Regular tune-ups can help your heating system work more efficiently, but our team of expert HVAC technicians can also spot potential problems that would need repairs in the future. Contact Novak today to schedule a furnace tune-up service in Hiawatha, IA today.

How Often Should I Tune Up My Furnace?

Novak Heating and Air recommends having furnace maintenance performed every year. Over time, your furnace accumulates dust and other contaminants that slow it down and cause issues between components. A tune-up is a thorough inspection and cleaning of your furnace which can restore it to peak performance condition. 

Ideally, you should have a tune-up appointment scheduled before winter sets in. This way, you can feel confident that your heating system will be able to handle the cold weather without breaking down. However, Novak is happy to provide you with quality furnace maintenance service anytime throughout the season. Even when it seems like your furnace is really struggling to keep up with your heating demands, often it just needs a little TLC to work better again.

Signs That Your Furnace Needs a Tune-Up

While a tune-up should catch most problems with the furnace, the device can give you some warning signs. If you start to notice any of these happening in the home, it’s time to call Novak. 

Unusual Noises or Smells

Furnaces make noise because of the metal inside them expanding and contracting. As metal is heated, it expands, and as it cools off, it contracts. So, you’ll likely hear some knocking or groaning as the furnace shuts off and starts cooling. 

However, if you notice newer sounds, particularly while the furnace is running, there could be a problem. Similarly, if you start to smell natural gas or other strong odors, it’s time to call Novak. While some odor is to be expected when running the furnace the first time, it should dissipate pretty quickly. If the scent lingers, there’s likely a problem with the system. 

Inefficient Operation

Furnaces are great at creating heat, but as different components wear down, the entire system won’t work as efficiently. For example, perhaps some rooms in the house aren’t reaching the right temperature. When that happens, a furnace maintenance appointment can help restore comfort to your home. 

Higher Utility Bills

As a furnace experiences wear and tear, it stops working as reliably. Over time, the furnace will need more energy and more gas to operate, which will inflate your utility bills. If you start to notice your bills getting significantly higher, the furnace could be to blame. A furnace tune-up can help improve your heating bills as your furnace will use significantly less energy to heat your home. 

Is Furnace Maintenance Worth It?

Many homeowners don’t make furnace maintenance a priority because they don’t want to spend money when their furnace works fine. However, preventative maintenance is very affordable and can help save you lots of money in the long run.

  • Furnace Repairs – During your maintenance appointment, our HVAC technicians will be able to spot signs of wear and tear and can replace parts before they break down. This can prevent the need for unexpected repairs on the coldest nights during winter.
  • Energy Bills – Because furnaces that are maintained regularly run much more efficiently, your heating bills during the winter will be lower. You’ll often make up the difference for furnace maintenance from the money you save on heating bills.
  • Extended Lifespan –  Replacing your furnace is a large expense. Make sure you’re getting the most out of your furnace and don’t need to replace it unexpectedly because you haven’t invested in maintenance.
  • Warranty – Many HVAC systems come with a warranty that makes repairs much more affordable. However, often a condition of the warranty is regular maintenance. If you’ve skipped maintenance for many years, your warranty make become invalid which can make future repair calls much more expensive.

Contact Novak Heating and Cooling for Your Furnace Tune-Up Needs in Hiawatha, IA

Your home’s furnace is essential for staying warm during the colder months, so don’t let it break down. Regular tune-ups can help ensure that the furnace works as efficiently as possible all year long. If you’re ready to see how well your furnace can start working, contact Novak Heating and Air to schedule your Hiawatha furnace maintenance appointment today. 


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