Mt. Vernon, IA HVAC Services

Novak Heating and Cooling is a proud member of the Mt. Vernon, IA community and we are happy to help with any HVAC service needs that your home may have. We offer professional services such as AC maintenance, repair, and installation services throughout the Mount Vernon, IA area. We’ve been providing heating and cooling systems since 1934. We can assist with all your air conditioning, indoor air quality, furnace, and other HVAC questions you may have.  Call us for all your HVAC care needs including emergency repairs. 

Signs Your Mt. Vernon HVAC System Needs Service

We all hear odd noises coming from our heating system now and again, but what’s a normal noise, and what noises are signs there’s a problem? Novak Heating and Cooling are here to help you figure out when you need to call for service.

Unusual Noises

Loud noises, banging, whining, and other unusual noises are a sign something is not right with your heating system. Keep your Mount Vernon IA home warm this winter and have these noises inspected by a professional technician right away.

Higher Energy Bills

An HVAC system that is causing higher than normal electric and gas bills has lost its ability to heat and cool inefficiently. It could be a sign the system needs replacement or it might simply need a tune-up. Routine maintenance helps keep HVAC systems running at peak efficiency.

Uneven Heat Distribution

If your existing furnace is not heating your home evenly, there could be a problem with the ductwork or with the unit itself. Our professional HVAC technicians can isolate the issue and offer affordable heating system repairs.

Short Cycling

If your HVAC unit is turning on and off rapidly, it needs maintenance and repair services. The process of on and off cycling causes damage to the unit which can lead to needing a new furnace or Air conditioning unit.

Burning Odor

As a safety precaution, any odor you can detect from the HVAC system should be investigated. There could be a gas leak, excessive CO2, or other dangerous toxins leaking into your home. A burning order could also mean the burner is failing.

Heating Services in Mt. Vernon, IA

Novak is prepared to tackle the most difficult furnace issues in Mount Vernon, IA. Whether you need repairs to your heating system to keep it running smoothly all winter, or you need a new system installed in your newly constructed home, Novak is here to help with all your heating services.

Furnace Repair

If your old furnace is not functioning but is less than 15 years old, furnace repair services from Novak can get it back up and running. We offer emergency service calls so you do not have to suffer through the night with a broken furnace.

Furnace Installation

In the event that your furnace is not repairable, a new furnace installation might be exactly what you need to heat your home. We offer new furnaces with modern energy-efficient ratings and complete customer satisfaction.

Heating Tune Up

You should have your heating system tuned up every year before the start of winter. Why? Because this ensures that your unit is working efficiently and won’t break down on the coldest day. Heating tune ups also help with affordable heating costs throughout the winter, even with excessive use.

Heat Pumps

We provide excellent work and expertise for heat pump systems. Our full maintenance, repair, and installation services keep your heat pump providing Mount Vernon, IA homeowners with reliable heating and cooling throughout the year.

Mt. Vernon, IA Indoor Air Quality Services

Indoor air quality solutions can help the performance of your HVAC system. Our services range from improving the humidity levels in your home to removing toxins from the air. Our indoor air quality solutions include:


We offer a range of thermostats from traditional thermostats to fully integrated smart thermostats. Thermostats are the connection between ambient temperature and heating or cooling appliances.

Air Cleaners

We install and maintain air cleaners for whole-house systems. If you have allergies or pets an air cleaning system helps improve the air you breathe. They’re an additional filter that prevents allergens from getting inside your HVAC system or spreading throughout your air ducts.

Air Purifiers

We install whole-house air purifiers that help remove toxins from the air inside of your home. These toxins include viruses and smaller particles that air cleaners can’t trap. Our Mount Vernon, IA team can improve the air quality in your home or business. We service, maintain, repair, and install air purifiers.


Humidifiers help improve your HVAC efficiency while providing the perfect amount of moisture for indoor air. The correct humidity level also means greater health and fewer seasonal ailments such as dry sinuses and sore throats.

Air Duct Cleaning

All of the particulate matter that your HVAC system picks up and moves around your home can become trapped in the ducting. Air duct cleaning helps reduce mold and mildew spores, pet dander, and dust from circulating in the air.


A properly installed zoning system increases the efficiency of how you heat and cool your home. Save energy and affordable heating costs by closing off vents to unoccupied rooms. Talk to us to learn more about how we can expertly design and install a zoning system for your home.

24 Hour Emergency Services

Part of the commitment Novak has to our Mount Vernon, IA clients is the willingness and ability to respond day or night to help with heating and cooling emergencies. We have served this community since 1934 and continue to offer exceptional services tailored to each customer’s needs. Our emergency services cover everything from geothermal heating, split systems, boilers, and air conditioning units. We are available 24/7 when you need us most. 

Call Novak For HVAC Services in Mt. Vernon

Novak is proud to be a member of the Mt. Vernon, IA community and we are available to help our neighbors with all their heating and cooling needs. Our business is founded on providing quality customer experiences with a focus on professional, honest, and knowledgeable service 24/7. Our techs will come to your location on schedule and with a professional attitude.