North Liberty, IA HVAC Services

Novak Heating and Cooling offers a comprehensive suite of HVAC services in North Liberty, IA, designed to enhance both the comfort and air quality of your home. As a trusted local provider that’s served Eastern Iowa for over 85 years, we are deeply committed to maintaining the performance and efficiency of your heating and cooling systems.

Our team of experienced HVAC technicians can manage all aspects of your HVAC care, including installations, annual maintenance, and emergency repairs. We specialize in delivering energy-efficient heating and cooling services that optimize your indoor air quality and reduce energy costs. Whether you need residential or commercial HVAC services, Novak Heating and Cooling guarantees quality work and exceptional service.

Need a service call, professional advice, or a free estimate? Reach out to Novak Heating and Cooling online or by phone. We’re here to assist the North Liberty community and the surrounding areas.

Heating Services in North Liberty, IA

Novak Heating and Cooling provides dependable heating services in North Liberty, IA. Our skilled technicians offer expert installation, replacement, maintenance, and repair services for furnaces, heat pumps, and ductless mini split systems. We’re committed to helping you find the perfect heating solution that fits both your needs and budget. To make an informed decision about your home’s heating needs, schedule a free consultation with us. Let Novak Heating and Cooling keep your home cozy and warm when winter arrives.


Novak Heating and Cooling specializes in the installation, servicing, and repair of both gas and electric furnaces in North Liberty, IA. Trust our experienced technicians to enhance your home’s warmth. Contact us today to experience reliable furnace solutions tailored to your home’s requirements.


Heat Pumps

Experience more efficient heating and cooling with Novak Heating and Cooling’s heat pump services. Our team expertly installs and maintains heat pumps, ensuring optimal performance and energy savings. Embrace a greener solution and lower your energy costs. Call Novak Heating and Cooling for a free consultation on your heat pump options.

  • Heat Pump Installation
  • Heat Pump Maintenance
  • Heat Pump Repair


Ductless Mini Splits

Maximize your comfort with Novak Heating and Cooling’s ductless mini split systems. Perfect for any room without ductwork, mini splits provide you with targeted heating and cooling plus optimal energy efficiency. Our professional team offers installation, maintenance, and repair services for this heating or cooling system. Reach out to Novak today for a tailored, space-saving heating and cooling solution.

  • Ductless Mini Split Installation
  • Ductless Mini Split Maintenance
  • Ductless Mini Split Repair

Cooling Services in North Liberty, IA

Beat the heat this summer with cooling services from Novak Heating and Cooling. Our professional team excels in the installation, replacement, repair, and maintenance of central air conditioners, heat pumps, and ductless mini splits. Ensure your indoor comfort remains cool and consistent, regardless of the outdoor heat. Contact us to book a quality cooling service that guarantees your satisfaction.

Air Conditioners

Rely on Novak Heating and Cooling for comprehensive air conditioning services in North Liberty. From installing a new, energy-efficient air conditioner to conducting tune ups on your cooling system and performing repairs on an existing AC unit, our certified technicians are dedicated to maintaining your system’s performance. Stay cool all summer with our air conditioning maintenance and repair services.


Heat Pumps

Turn to Novak Heating and Cooling for top-tier heat pump solutions in North Liberty. We install premium air source and geothermal system heat pumps and provide ongoing support with routine maintenance and expert repairs. Our technicians tackle issues efficiently, from replenishing low refrigerant to clearing clogged filters, ensuring your heat pump operates with maximum heating and cooling efficiency.


Ductless Mini Splits

Optimize your comfort with ductless mini splits from Novak Heating and Cooling. Our certified technicians deliver flawless installations and swift repairs, avoiding common pitfalls like leaks and inefficiencies. Trust our experts for dependable heating and cooling in throughout your entire home or targeted spaces like sunrooms, basements, or room additions.

  • Ductless Mini Split Installation
  • Ductless Mini Split Maintenance
  • Ductless Mini Split Repair

Indoor Air Quality Services in North Liberty, IA

Living in North Liberty, IA, it’s essential to maintain high indoor air quality to protect your health and enhance your home’s comfort. Pollutants, allergens, and other airborne contaminants can compromise the air within your home. Novak Heating and Cooling specializes in identifying air quality issues and implementing effective solutions like advanced filtration systems and purifiers. Our team ensures your living environment is not only cleaner but healthier. Experience the difference with our indoor air quality services.

Air Cleaners

Protect your home from dust and allergens with high-quality air cleaners installed by Novak Heating and Cooling. These systems effectively trap airborne particles, preventing them from circulating throughout your home. Ensure a cleaner, healthier environment for your family with our efficient air cleaning solutions.


Air Purifiers

Novak Heating and Cooling provides advanced air purification systems that are designed to eliminate dust, allergens, and unpleasant odors from your indoor environment. With expert installation, these air purifiers work seamlessly to clean the air, enhancing the overall quality of your indoor space.


Air Duct Cleaning

Over time, air ducts can accumulate dust and debris that hinder your HVAC system’s efficiency and degrade your air quality. Novak Heating and Cooling offers professional air duct cleaning services to remove this buildup, improving both airflow and the quality of air in your home.


Dryer Vent Cleaning

Regular dryer vent cleaning is essential to prevent potential fire hazards and maintain your dryer’s efficiency. Novak Heating and Cooling employs specialized tools to thoroughly clean your dryer vent, removing all lint and debris to ensure your dryer operates safely and effectively.



Address the discomfort of dry indoor air during winter with a whole-home humidifier from Novak Heating and Cooling. Our humidifiers integrate directly with your existing HVAC system to provide consistent moisture throughout your house, which can improve comfort and aid in respiratory health.



Enhance your home’s comfort and energy efficiency with a new thermostat. Novak Heating and Cooling offers a range of programmable and smart thermostats that enable precise temperature adjustments and scheduling, helping you save on energy costs while maintaining ideal comfort levels.

Commercial HVAC Services in North Liberty, IA

A comfortable and efficient workplace is essential for any company’s success. Novak Heating and Cooling offers expert commercial HVAC services in North Liberty, IA, to help your business maintain optimal working conditions throughout the year. Our services include:

Commercial HVAC Installation

For facilities ranging from large office buildings to small boutiques, our team provides tailored HVAC solutions that enhance both functionality and energy efficiency. We adhere strictly to the most recent building standards and codes, ensuring a safe and reliable setup for any commercial space.


Commercial HVAC Repair

Issues with your commercial HVAC system can lead to a series of disruptions, from reduced employee comfort to decreased productivity and even safety risks. At Novak Heating and Cooling, our skilled technicians use the latest tools and techniques for fast and precise problem-solving. From repairing compressors and clearing ducts to fixing refrigerant leaks, we work diligently to get your HVAC system running smoothly again, reducing any impact on your business operations.

Enroll in an HVAC Maintenance Plan from Novak

Many of our customers take advantage of the multitude of benefits offered in our Worry-Free Maintenance Program. Annual maintenance is the most powerful tool you have for extending the life of your home’s HVAC systems. Our services are discounted when you enroll in our maintenance program.

The program also gives you priority status for all types of service calls including after-hours and emergency heating and cooling appointments. Explore the many benefits of our maintenance program online or by giving us a call.

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Embrace year-round comfort with Novak Heating and Cooling, your trusted North Liberty, IA source for affordable heating and cooling solutions. As the area’s only Carrier® Factory Authorized Dealer, we combine cutting-edge technology with certified expertise to keep your home or business environment thriving.

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