The 5 Biggest Benefits of Annual AC Maintenance

HVAC technician

If you aren’t scheduling yearly tune ups for your air conditioner, you’re missing out on the important benefits of annual AC maintenance! An AC tune up each year helps your system stay in shape and serve you well through the summer season. In our most recent blog, the technicians at Novak Heating and Cooling discuss what a tune up includes and what it does for your HVAC system.

What’s Involved in an AC Tune Up?

An air conditioning tune up addresses the needs of your entire cooling system. A technician delivers service to components that can suffer due to wear and tear. The function and performance of critical systems are also verified and adjusted as needed. Annual AC maintenance provides everything your air conditioning system needs to start summer on the right foot.

Here’s what’s included with our regular maintenance for your AC system:

  • Measuring refrigerant levels
  • Cleaning and inspecting condenser coil
  • Cleaning condensate drain
  • Lubricating fan motor
  • Tightening and inspecting electrical connections
  • Inspecting condensate line connections
  • Testing pressure switches
  • Measuring equipment running amps
  • Measuring evaporator coil temperature drop
  • Cleaning unit’s interior
  • Testing for noise and vibration

5 Benefits of Annual AC Maintenance

An AC tune up is an affordable service that pays you back big time. You’ll save money on energy bills, experience better comfort, and keep surprises to a minimum.

1. Improved Energy Efficiency

An annual tune up gives air conditioner components the TLC necessary to eliminate wear and tear damage and ensure everything is running as it should. When your air conditioner’s performance is optimal, so is its energy efficiency. Your air conditioner will use less energy to cool your home over the coming season, benefitting your home and the environment!

2. Save on Cooling Costs

When your air conditioner uses less energy, your energy costs drop. This will cause your monthly utility bills to lower, allowing you to save up for summer fun and other priorities instead of electricity. Having a tune up performed year after year helps your air conditioner preserve its efficiency levels for the long run, so you don’t experience bill increases each year as your system loses its ability to use energy optimally.

3. A More Comfortable Home

Annual AC maintenance helps Cedar Rapids homeowners experience a higher level of comfort indoors. An air conditioner that runs at peak performance produces precise temperatures, limits fluctuations, and helps keep summer humidity in check as well. Plus, you’ll feel more comfortable knowing your air conditioner is less likely to break down this season.

4. Fewer Repairs

Sometimes malfunctions exist within cooling systems that are not easily detected. When these issues aren’t fixed, they can become worse as the system continues to operate. Eventually, your system may break down, leaving you without cooling in the middle of summer. During a tune up, your technician can catch sneaky problems like this before they cause serious trouble, meaning your air conditioner won’t be as likely to break down over the hot season.

5. Longer System Life

All of the above benefits of annual AC maintenance contribute to keeping your cooling system in service longer. Proper maintenance can add years to your equipment’s life! The longer your air conditioner remains in good condition and properly cools your home, the more value you gain from the money spent on its purchase and upkeep. Plus, you can spread out the big expenditures of HVAC equipment replacement as much as possible, making these upgrades more budget-friendly.

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