Do You Need Emergency Heating Services in Cedar Rapids?

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Did you wake up in the middle of the night to find there is no heat in your house? This is a heating emergency. You might think it’s not a big problem, but it could lead to something worse. With no heat, your pipes could freeze and break, causing water damage. It can also create a dangerous situation for you and your family if temperatures dip well below freezing.

Luckily, Novak Heating, Air & Duct Cleaning is here to help with 24-hour emergency services. We won’t let you be left out in the cold for long. Call us right away for emergency HVAC repair.

Signs You Need Emergency Furnace Repair

Furnaces seldom stop working at convenient times. No one likes to call for an emergency heating repair in the middle of the night, but we get these calls all the time. That’s why the heating team at Novak is standing by to help. When you don’t have heat, our first priority is to get you warm again, no matter what time of day. If you’re experiencing any of the following issues right now, call for heating emergency services from Novak. 

No Heat

Not having heat is a big problem, especially in the middle of winter. If you have no heat, check the breaker box first to make sure there isn’t a tripped breaker. Check your thermostat too.  If your furnace is getting power, but not producing heat, turn off your furnace and call for help. 

You Smell a Burning Odor or Natural Gas

This is a big sign that your furnace needs help and fast! Burning odors are a common sign of electrical issues. Turn off your furnace at the breaker to make sure everything is alright there. If the smell persists, call for help.

If your heating system runs on natural gas, you could be at risk for a gas leak. If you smell anything like rotten eggs, you need emergency heater repair right away. 

Carbon Monoxide Alarm Is Going Off

If you don’t currently have carbon monoxide detectors, now is the time to get them. If an alarm goes off, it’s a sign you have a CO leak and need emergency repairs. This odorless gas is incredibly dangerous and can cause serious health problems. If your carbon monoxide alarm is going off, turn off your furnace and call for help. This is an issue that cannot wait. 

Strange Noises Coming from Your Furnace

It’s normal for your furnace to make some noises when it starts up for the first time. But if you’ve been running your furnace for a few months now and suddenly you hear banging, clanking, and screeching noises, then you might have internal issues, and you should contact an HVAC company for emergency HVAC service.

How to Avoid Emergency Heating Services

Emergency heating services can be costly, so it’s a smart idea to maintain your furnace to prevent these kinds of calls. Maintaining your furnace is key for its performance. Change your furnace’s air filter every 90 days, or according to the manufacturer’s guidelines. You can buy most furnace filters at your local hardware store. It’s also smart to keep the area around your furnace clean to prevent dust accumulation.

The best way to avoid emergency heating services is to have your furnace serviced once a year. Make an appointment with the furnace technicians at Novak in the early fall before you begin to use your furnace on a regular basis. Our team will get your furnace working properly and let you know if any repairs are needed. This is a preventative measure that keeps your furnace and your family happy and healthy. 

Sign Up for Novak’s Worry-Free Maintenance Contract

If you always forget to schedule your annual furnace tune-up, that’s ok. Novak can schedule your regular furnace maintenance for you when you sign up for our worry-free maintenance contract. We’ll take care of your furnace and air conditioner, while you enjoy saving money in your comfortable home. Call Novak today to learn more. Contact the heating and air conditioning technicians at Novak today for emergency repair services.