How Does a Ductless Mini Split System Work?

Ductless mini split

There are many types of heating and cooling equipment available for use in Cedar Rapids area homes. While most homeowners are familiar with conventional forced air furnaces and air conditioners, few are aware of other HVAC system types and how they function. The ductless mini split HVAC system is one such example, and you may be passing up a highly efficient heating and cooling solution if you don’t know about it! Learn how mini split heat pumps work and if one is right for your home.

What Is a Ductless Mini Split?

A ductless mini split is a type of home heating and cooling system that delivers conditioned air to living areas without the use of ducts. Traditional forced air HVAC systems, such as central air conditioners, furnaces, and heat pumps, deliver heated or cooled air from centralized equipment throughout the home via a duct system. 

Ductless mini splits work much differently. Instead of using a centralized furnace or air handler to push air through ducts into rooms, the mini split system uses a network of air handlers installed within each room or area of the home. The air handlers connect to an exterior heat pump (or air conditioner in cooling-only systems), which transfers heat between indoor and outdoor air to provide heating and cooling. The air handler in each area holds a fan and evaporator coil which extracts heat and recirculates cooler air during the warmer months. For heating spaces, the outdoor heat pump extracts heat from the air outdoors, and this energy is sent to the coil within the air handler to distribute heat.

Key Differences and Advantages

The most obvious difference between mini split systems and other HVAC systems is the way they distribute conditioned air. No ducts are needed, which makes installation possible in homes without existing ducts, homes that do not have the space to install ductwork, or homes where ductwork replacement would be necessary yet it’s out of the budget.

Another difference is a ductless mini split’s energy efficiency. They use far less electricity to operate than other system types, generating up to 30 percent energy savings over conventional air conditioners and as much as 60 percent energy savings compared to electric resistance heating units.

Because an individual indoor air handling unit is installed in each area of the home, comfort and temperatures can be controlled in each area independent from one another. Comfort levels can be tailored to individual preferences, and energy can be conserved in areas where heating or cooling are not needed.

Ductless mini splits can be sized in many different configurations, providing heating and cooling in one zone or many. Mini splits are extremely versatile, which makes them a great solution for adding heating and cooling to areas of a home where the forced air central HVAC system does not extend. Install a mini split to heat and cool a newly finished basement or home addition without the cost of extending ductwork and upgrading furnaces or air conditioners to account for the added space.

Go Ductless in Cedar Rapids

As you can see, ductless mini split systems are a great option for many Cedar Rapids area homes. Novak Heating and Cooling can install the perfect mini split system to deliver energy-efficient comfort throughout your home. Contact us today to request and estimate for ductless mini split installation!