Why Is My Heating Bill So High in the Winter?

Are you one of those people who tries to wait longer and longer each year to turn on the heat for the first time? Stop waiting until after Thanksgiving to turn on the heat just because you’re afraid of your first heating bill. There are things you can do to make your heating bill less painful. The pros at Novak share the common reasons why your heating bill is so high and some things you can do to lower it. 

Trust the pros at Novak Heating, Air & Duct Cleaning. We’ll have plenty of solutions to help lower your heating costs and keep your furnace running efficiently all winter long.

Reasons Why Your Heating Bill Is So High

Your HVAC system is what keeps heat circulating in your home. If your heating bills are high and you can’t attribute it to a specific incident, that’s usually a big sign that something is wrong with your home’s heating system, insulation, or ductwork. 

Not Enough Insulation

Insulation is in our attics and walls. It keeps the heat from escaping out the roof of your home. There are a couple of different types of insulation, and they don’t have the same lifespans. Fiberglass insulation can last 80-100 years, while cellulose insulation only lasts around 30. Older homes especially suffer from not having enough insulation. You should have your insulation inspected to determine its remaining lifespan. An inspection can also find if there is a leak or damage to your insulation that is causing the issue.

Clogged and Leaky Ducts

Dust tends to accumulate in ducts and can make it difficult for air to move to certain rooms of the house. If you find that you have a room that is particularly cold no matter how warm the temperature is set to, clogged ducts could be to blame. The professionals at Novak can inspect and clean your ducts to help evenly heat your house this winter. 

Dirty Furnace

It’s always a good idea to have your furnace inspected and cleaned annually. Novak offers a comprehensive fall furnace tune-up that will keep your system running efficiently during the cold winter months. In the winter, when you rely on your furnace for heat, it could be overworked and break down if it’s not properly cared for. Preventative maintenance can prevent breakdowns and keep your heat on when you need it the most. 

Ways to Save on Energy This Winter

If you want to save money on your heating bills this winter, then follow these additional measures:

Upgrade Your Thermostat

A smart thermostat not only allows you to set heating schedules during the day, but it also monitors the local weather and adjusts the heat accordingly. It’s never been easier to be in control of your heating system than with a new smart thermostat installed by Novak. We’ll test it and show you how to control it using your voice or smartphone. 

Seal Drafty Windows

I bet your mom or dad would say “I’m not paying to heat the outdoors,” when someone left the door open for too long in the winter, allowing cold air to come inside. If you have drafty windows, you’re releasing your home’s heat outside. Look for shrink-to-fit plastic wrap to seal windows and weather stripping for doors this winter. These inexpensive fixes will keep warm air inside and reduce moisture buildup in your home.

Set The Thermostat to 68℉

According to the Department of Energy, you can save as much as 10% a year on heating and cooling costs by simply setting your thermostat to 68℉. Make sure to dress appropriately for the weather with socks, slippers, long pants, and extra layers if needed. Wrapping yourself in a blanket when you’re cold is much cheaper than turning up the heat. 

Call Novak for More Heating Tips and Service

High heating bills are not something you want to deal with every winter. If you’re wondering why your energy bills are so high, call Novak to find the answer. We’ll help figure out how you’re using so much energy and how to save more. Contact us today to schedule service for your heating unit.

How Often Should You Clean Your Dryer Vent?

It’s always good practice to clean out the lint trap in your dryer after every use. This prevents lint from building up, causing the dryer to overheat and possibly catch on fire. But lint buildup doesn’t stop there. Lint travels through your dryer vent and settles in there. Where your dryer vent is and how often you should clean it are very important questions to know in order to prevent fires in your home.

Novak is Cedar Rapids’ most trusted dryer vent cleaning service. Your safety is our number-one priority. Your vents are important for maintaining air circulation in your home and ventilating harmful gasses. Keep yourself and your family safe and make an appointment with Novak.

Signs It’s Time to Clean Your Dryer Vent

Your clothes dryer vent might not be something you’ve particularly noticed. A dryer needs to ventilate just like your furnace. Every home with a dryer has a dryer exhaust. It connects to the back of your dryer, and then the exhaust is on the exterior of your home. It usually looks like a small register or a vent pipe. If you can’t find your dryer vent, run your dryer when it’s cold and you’ll see the exhaust.

There are a few distinctive signs that indicate your dryer vent needs cleaned. The first sign is that your clothes take longer to dry or are taking multiple cycles to dry in the dryer. If you notice that your laundry room is very hot as well as your dryer, that’s another sign that your dryer vent needs to be cleaned. You should definitely have your dryer vents looked at if you notice a burning smell when you run the dryer.

It’s always a good idea to keep your laundry room free from dust. Placing the dryer closer to the wall will prevent dust and debris from getting into the ducts.

How Often Should I Clean My Dryer Vent?

Once you’ve located your dryer vent on the outside of your house, it’s a good idea to keep it clean from debris and snow. Small animals love warm places full of fluffy lint. Make sure your dryer vent has a cover or is inaccessible to animals.

The National Fire Protection Association says you should clean your dryer vent at least once a year. This could vary based on the size of your house, the number of family members, and the number of pets in your family. Extra people lead to more dust and hair. You may find that your dryer vent needs to be cleaned more than once per year.

You can clean your dryer vents yourself with a flexible brush with an extendable wand and a vacuum cleaner with a long hose. However, if you’ve never had your dryer vents cleaned in the past, there may be more dust than your vacuum can handle. It’s a good idea to trust the experienced pros at Novak to clear your vents so they’re good as new.  

Benefits of Cleaning Your Dryer Vent

You should clean your dryer vent on a regular basis to prevent dryer fires in your home. However, a clean dryer vent can also benefit your dryer in more ways than you realize.

Clean dryer vents are more energy efficient. With no more dust blocking its exhaust, the dryer can run properly, which will lower the amount of energy it consumes. When dryer vents are cleaned regularly, they are also less likely to overheat and clog. If you do not clean your dryer vents regularly, you risk shortening your dryer’s lifespan and experiencing frequent repairs. 

Contact Novak for Dryer Vent Cleaning Services

Cleaning your dryer vent involves disconnecting appliances, lots of cleaning, and tons of dust. If this does not appeal to you, then contact Novak. Our friendly team has the experience and know-how to clean your vents quickly and efficiently. Call us today to schedule a dryer vent cleaning appointment.